ANA Polisher


The ANA Polisher is one of the most diverse and simple cleaning machines for several cleaning tasks could be performed using this machine by simply exchange of the accessory discs. Examples of applications include scrubbing, scouring, polishing, and waxing of hard floors, shampooing of carpets, ripping up and removing of old carpets, sanding of wood, floors, stone or clay floors and metal surfaces. The advantages are:
• Quick and diverse application.
• Sturdy and compact construction.
• Ease of operation.
• Combination 0f correct horsepower.:

Technical Data

Voltage/Hz- 230/50
Power (w) - 750
Working Width (mm) - 380
Brush speed (rpm) - 160
Power Cord (m) - 10
Dimensions L W H (mm) - 400 x 500 x 1100
Safety degree - IP 54
Transmission – Gear pair
Safety class - 1
Weight (kg) - 24